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Hi, thanks for visiting! I am a copyeditor specializing in D&D fifth edition. I'd love the opportunity to lend my expertise with the Wizards of the Coast style guide and rules writing in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style.

Though I'm most passionate about helping others bring their dreams to life through copyediting, I'm also a bestselling writer, game designer, layout & graphic designer, and artist. Three supplements I've designed & edited are platinum bestsellers on the Dungeon Masters Guild—you can see more of my work on this site.

My best-known work includes Eberronicon (writing, editing, layout), Elminster's Candlekeep Companion (additional design, editing), the Simple Microsoft Word Template (design, layout), Archetypes of Eberron (additional design, editing, & layout), and Keith Baker's upcoming hardcover, Exploring Eberron (additional design, editing, layout).

I serve as editor-in-chief for Across Eberron, admin for several D&D-related Discord servers, and used to read books in my spare time but there's not much of that these days—because I'm also the mother to 2 gibbering mouthlings, and wife to a paladin very tired teacher.

She/her, psion, neutral good.